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Why ECOMALL? Why Karaj?

Karaj is a city with unique features, this city is the connecting point of the east-west and north-south highways of the country and the main travel and transit routes of Iran pass through this city, Alborz province can be considered from various directions. Investors and tourists, there is an active presence in this large province of the country’s industries as well as the geophysical features of this region has made it very attractive to tourists. On the one hand, the lack of facilities due to its proximity to Tehran and the shadow of the capital has led to serious deficiencies in many parts of Karaj. There is no doubt that ‘malls’ have become a major need for metropolitan areas today because they can meet a wide range of people’s needs, and many of the problems of citizens, such as the lubrication of urban traffic, the attraction of tourists and commuters (for the city). Karaj is important) as well as promoting the quality of life of citizens.

ECOMALL environmentalist :

Preservation of the environment and sustainable resources today, as well as efforts to prevent energy loss and prevent pollution of nature have become a concern for all countries because of serious alarms such as global warming, drought and air pollution and generation survival. Subsequent threats threaten humanity. Being aware of the importance of the subject matter of the ECOMALL project shopping center, it has taken appropriate steps to optimize its energy consumption and its environmentally friendly food and hygiene stores.

ECOMALL Features :

  • One of the most unique commercial complexes of Karaj
  • Hypermarket “hyperstar” with an area of more than 10,000 square meters
  • The first Alborz cinema campus with six halls and a capacity of 1,000 people
  • Presence of the most reputable domestic and foreign brands
  • Modern design with international standards
  • The highest standards and attractions of a trans-regional commercial complex
  • Such as Hypermarket, Cinema Campus, Foodcourt, Restaurant, Play City, Capacity of 1,000 cars …

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